Beloved Brody

Brody w: ball

We would like to dedicate this blog post to our long time technician Rachel and her beloved dog, Brody. Brody was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, which is heartbreaking to us all. Rachel is letting Brody live every day he has left to the fullest, and we are all celebrating the phenomenal life that Brody has had by her side.

Brody woodsMany of you have had the chance to meet Brody, as he has been our unofficial office mascot for the past seven years, growing up in our office since he was a puppy. He showed up on our doorstep in a little box with food and a green stuffed elephant (that he later tore to shreds). The original owner gave him up because they thought he was a Mastiff mix and would be too big for them.

Rachel said, “I had to have him! Right then and there I knew he was the perfect “mutt”. As I turned off the kennel lights that first night he was at the hospital I noticed how he sat so perfectly, like a little soldier, and didn’t make a peep as we left. I was in love!”

He was not the best at the beginning. He chewed things in the office and pottied on the carpet, but his good nature allowed him to grow up in our office. He has graciously allowed all of us at Bothell Pet Hospital to share him as our “dog away from home” while we are at work. His presence has always brought our employees comfort and joy during our shifts. He greets each of us upon our arrival in the morning and “WOOs”!!! when he greets you.

Rachel & Brody 2Rachel has taught Brody countless goofy tricks, and he will happily perform them for us all throughout the day. He has turned getting a treat into a true art form. He has the ability to ask for a treat, making sure you believe that it is the first and only treat he has ever received, which is rarely the case.

Over the years, Brody has been a blood donor for many of our hospitalized patients that were in need of a transfusion, and an ambassador for dogs who need a little help with socialization. He is always there for a hug or a snuggle, and is happy to be a napping companion during our breaks. Brody LOVES children of any age, but especially babies. He will kiss them and watch over them like his own.

Brody spends his days away from work as Rachel’s constant companion. Rachel loves the outdoors and Brody is always by her side, either hiking, camping, swimming, horse back riding or off-roading. Brody is famous in Rachel’s social circle and is loved by many, many people and accepts all of us in our diversity with unconditional love. Brody has a dog brother Porter and sister ZZ, and they are the best of friends.

We are all blessed to know Brody and have the chance to share our days with him. He is a very special boy and he will always have a special place in our hearts.

Brody is the epitome of a ‘Good Dog!’


About Bothell Pet Hospital

Since 1954, Bothell Pet Hospital has been operating as an independent small animal hospital, providing primary veterinary care to cats and dogs in Bothell, Lake City, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Kirkland, Brier, and other surrounding neighborhoods.
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