Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

While we all look forward to the holiday season, filled with family, friends and feasts, a few precautions can help ensure our pets are thankful too. Check out the following tips to ensure a Happy Thanksgiving for all:


If you decide to feed your pet a little bit of turkey, make sure it is cooked thoroughly and boneless.

Do not feed your pet turkey bones. These can splinter and cause a perforation of the intestinal tract or cause intestinal blockage. Learn more here >

Do not feed your pet undercooked meat, as it may contain salmonella bacteria. Learn more here >

dog exam pancreatitis

Do not feed your pet rich or high fat foods such as ham, gravy, turkey skin or desserts, just to name a few. Even a little bit can cause stomach upset, diarrhea or pancreatitis, which is a very serious and sometimes fatal condition caused by the inflammation of the pancreas. Learn more about Pancreatitis here >

Do not feed your pet bread dough. When raw bread dough is ingested the yeast can rise in your pet’s stomach and may cause a life threatening emergency.

scared dogKnow your pet’s temperament. Some pets can be shy around company. If your pet is food aggressive, or fearful with lots of noise and commotion, you may want to consider placing your pet in a quiet part of the house until the festivities are over.

Find more Thanksgiving Safety Tips from the ASPCA here:


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