Nutritional Options for Anxiety and Stress in Dogs and Cats

Anxiety and stress related problems are unfortunately quite common in dogs and cats. Thankfully, Bothell Pet Hospital has some solutions that might help you and your pet cope with this problem more effectively.

Stressed dog dalmatianSome of the common causes of stress may include:

  • Insufficient socialization
  • Inadequate training or care
  • Loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Kenneling and travel
  • Conflict between pets
  • New owners or a new environment

Stress affects pets directly, through the behavior problems it creates, and also indirectly, through the physical conditions it can create or worsen.

Signs of stress may include:

  • Excessive vocalization and panting
  • Hiding and running away
  • Destruction of property and self (e.g. excessive licking)
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Aggression toward people or other pets

Fearful dogNew Nutritional Supplements for Stress

Fortunately, Bothell Pet Hospital now carries some new nutritional supplements as options for managing stress in our beloved canine and feline companions. These include Solliquin™, a combination product from Nutramax™ labs that is available in a chewable supplement for dogs and cats, or Zylkene™, containing alpha­casozepine, a milk protein extract from Vetoquinol™, that comes in a capsule form that may be given orally, or sprinkled over food.

These are intended either for situational use or for longer term.

These supplements contain natural ingredients that can be found either alone or in combination. They help to provide relaxation without sedation or the side effects of prescription medications, but may also be used in conjunction with prescriptions for more severe cases. They may also help pets be more receptive to behavior modification training.

While these supplements are not intended to replace professional help, they can definitely help to take the edge off.

Please give us a call and talk to your veterinarian if you think that your pet may be suffering from stress or anxiety.


About Bothell Pet Hospital

Since 1954, Bothell Pet Hospital has been operating as an independent small animal hospital, providing primary veterinary care to cats and dogs in Bothell, Lake City, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Kirkland, Brier, and other surrounding neighborhoods.
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